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Notify utility companies and emergency personnel

3 tips to help you prepare

  1. Notify electric companies and phone companies that there will be a mechanically ventilated patient in the home. The electric company can provide priority electricity in case of a power outage and determine whether power must be shut off to avoid equipment damage.
  2. Notify the local emergency management system and personnel about the mechanically ventilated patient at home.
  3. Post local emergency contact information prominently near the phone closest to the patient’s bed.

Don’t forget a battery backup

Most ventilators have an internal battery and external battery options that can provide power for several hours. But if you are in a remote location with undependable or intermittent electricity, consider buying a backup generator for emergency power to supplement the internal and external batteries.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

4 things to remember when arranging outside support

  1. Establish a network of friends, neighbors, and family who live nearby.
  2. Ask them to check in with the patient at routine intervals, particularly if the caregiver is not on-site around the clock.
  3. Also ask if they can be available for emergencies.
  4. Remember to have on hand any medications or treatments needed if the patient experiences respiratory (breathing) distress.

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