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Read before starting Shiley™ flexible tracheostomy tube reusable inner cannula care!

You should clearly understand the cleaning procedure before you proceed. Follow your doctor’s or facility’s recommendations for the cleaning procedure and schedule.

Caution: Do not use cleaning agents such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, glutaraldehyde, or bleach. They will damage the inner cannula.

Reusable Inner Cannula Cleaning Supply Checklist

Supply list

  • Sterile gloves
  • Neutral detergent (i.e., mild dish soap)
  • Sterile water
  • Container/basin
  • Soft brush, cotton swabs

  • Sterile, lint-free gauze
  • Pre-cut, lint-free gauze or prescribed dressing for under flange
  • Spare reusable cannula if applicable
  • Suction and ventilation equipment as applicable
  • Extra tracheostomy, one size smaller, in the event of accidental decannulation

Reusable Inner Cannula Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning Procedure


Wash hands, gather supplies, and prepare patient to suction and pre-oxygenate in accordance with facility policy and provider orders.


Remove the soiled inner cannula by pinching and then pulling it in a downward motion. Replace with spare inner cannula, if applicable.

NOTE: The Shiley™ flexible tracheostomy tube does not require an inner cannula to connect ventilation equipment; use with inner cannula is preferred. Check provider preference.


Place soiled inner cannula in prepared solution of neutral detergent and sterile water. Soak for at least 30 seconds. Use soft brush or sterile gauze until visible secretions are removed.

NOTE: Do not use any other solutions to clean the trach to prevent harm to the tubes.


Clean surrounding skin gently using cotton swabs per provider orders and facility policy. The flange / neck plate should be wiped with sterile gauze soaked in sterile water.


Rinse with sterile water and air dry with a gentle shake. Dispose and get new inner cannula if sign of wear is present.


Remove spare inner cannula and reinsert cleaned inner cannula. Press lightly into the lock position. Reconnect any ventilation equipment if applicable. Do not use this device or inner cannula beyond 29 days.

Always follow the Instructions For Use that came with your tracheostomy tube when cleaning your tracheostomy tube and inner cannula.

The information and guidance presented on this website is informational only and not intended to influence practice or supersede the instructions for use of any specific device.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the following individuals to the production of this content: Marie Lemoine, M.S.N., RN, RCP, Rob St. John, M.S.N., RN, RRT, Paula Thompson, B.S., RRT, and Missy Toigo, M.A., CCC-SLP