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Newport™ HT70 Plus Portable Ventilator

The Newport™ HT70 Plus ventilator combines ruggedness, ease of use, and clinical proficiency with exceptional mobility for patients from 5 kg to adult.
Learn more about the features and capabilities of the Newport™ HT70 Plus Portable Ventilator

Shiley™ Tracheostomy Tubes

The Shiley™ brand has been a trusted name in tracheostomy for more than 40 years – serving patients from neonatal to adult.
Access our portfolio of tracheostomy products to find the right Shiley™ tube for you or your patient

Nellcor™ Pulse Oximetry

For more than 30 years, clinicians have trusted the Nellcor™ brand to provide fast, accurate, and consistent pulse oximetry performance.
Learn more about our monitoring technology and its impact on patient safety

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