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Be sure to include the necessary supplies when traveling with a ventilator. Always check transportation procedures in advance.

Plan ahead

You’ll want to plan far in advance before going on outings.

Things to keep in mind before leaving the house include:
  • Type of external power sources
  • Ventilator settings and circuit setup
  • All supplies are on-hand
  • Batteries are fully charged
  • DC auto lighter power adapter is in the car (to help save battery power)
  • Identify local DME and Home Health Care Providers at travel destination if traveling a long distance

Travel supply checklist

  • Manual resuscitator
  • Adequate portable oxygen (if needed)
  • DC auto lighter power adapter (if you have one)
  • AC power cord (use when an AC outlet is available at your destination)
  • Fully charged external battery and connector – bring an extra if you have one
  • Blunt-nose scissors
  • Breathing medications, if needed
  • Portable suctioning device
  • Suction catheters
  • Spare tracheostomy tubes with obturator and ties
  • Replacement inner cannula (for products using disposable inner cannula), or temporary inner cannula for use with reusable inner cannula tubes
  • Spare circuit

Air travel considerations

When you travel with a portable ventilator by air, plan well in advance. Educate yourself about relevant airline procedures and policies and check with your ventilator’s manufacturer to be sure your device is intended for use during air travel.

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Car travel considerations

When you travel with a portable ventilator by car, knowing how to move your patient is very important. Find out how to move a patient out of wheelchair into a car and a patient who will remain in a wheelchair while traveling in a car.

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